In “Digital” we believe that technology is a very important means to an end which is to be determined in partnership with the end-user.

We believe in asking our clients “What do you want from us?”

Rather than telling them “This is what you will get from us!!”.

It has always been our endeavor to assimilate and digest the full requirements of the client and provide solutions and a relationship, which is long lasting.

We therefore provide the following services, which cover the entire spectrum of user requirements viz.

The complete PC, networking, office automation maintenance of “Digital Computers” consists of following professional help during breakdown.

1) Instant Stand-By Option:-

The teams adulate to provide instant stand-by System and peripherals cuts the repair time to the minimum and answers smooth working without affecting the clients work and precious time.

2) Quick Professional Help:-

The complete PC, Networking, Office Automation maintenance ensures speedily help from experienced personal equipped with professional training and skills to put the system right into work.

3) Turnkey Solutions:-

To ensure success in each project, Digital Computers employ its own proprietary project management technique-built from highly innovative methodologies.

4) Assembly Line Production:-

A typical project goes through sequence of stage beginning with structure analysis, which allows to research issues and ideas, identify goals and outline a proposed solution.

The basic measure of quality control at “Digital Computers” is the repeat business from existing customers and value for the money.